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At the Stroka Business Group, incorporated as Stroka produkt d.o.o., we have been providing our customers with high quality, carefully selected and innovative IT solutions and services for over 25 years. We are specialized in quick and efficient IT solutions and follow our vision of “IT to the people”, striving to bring IT solutions to each and every individual in an organization to make their work easier and more effective. 

More than 60 experts are in charge of business, system, web and mobile solutions, and business analytics. The Group includes a strong development team of experts and an R&D department which develops new business models for companies, helping them onto the path of digital transformation. 

Our company is developing and growing every year, closely following competitive conditions on the market. We are one of leading providers of Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud services, and successfully offer our products on the global market. As one of the most innovative Microsoft partners we are focused on and specialized in Microsoft cloud technologies and their most effective consumption, which won us the prestigious title of Microsoft Partner of the Year for Slovenia in 2013, 2017, and again in 2018

We have a Microsoft Premier Support agreement for partners, providing our customers an even higher level of support and an even higher quality of service. In the start of 2016 the Slovenian Chamber of Industry and Commerce of issued us with a certificate of excellence – the Excellent SME, which is conferred on companies with excellent and secure operations, assessed by the COFACE ratings agency.  

Our numerous business achievements and international activities help strengthen our philosophy of a different, atypical approach to IT, summed up by the slogan “Do IT Different”, keeping to our mission of bringing IT to the people.

"Do IT different"

Our mission

Quick and effective IT solutions for organisations.

Our vision

IT to the people.

Core values

  • high level of responsibility
  • communication and collaboration
  • a focus on development
  • personal growth of employees

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Quick and effective IT solutions for organisations

Why Choose Stroka.si Business Group?

A High Level of Expertise and Organization

You are in the care of 54 highly trained experts in IT and business practices. The Group is divided into 4 production departments and the highly organized support service CCEDOS, a true backbone of the company. With our consulting services and appropriate resources for execution we can provide a comprehensive service for your company. 

Reliability and Responsiveness

Our Customer Care Center has all the answers to any questions you might have regarding solutions and services. Our HelpDesk system provides our customers with a professional and transparent approach to resolving any service claims, troubleshooting or error reports. 

We are here for you!

Sustainable development and adaptability

We place special care on continuous training and education of our employees. We provide our customers with the highest level of adaptability, as we carefully keep track of global IT trends and the development of technology. We plan the strategy for developing your IT system together with you, and follow the philosophy of an unconventional approach to IT.

Do IT different!


Stroka produkt d.o.o.

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