SBG - Stroka Business Group

Stroka Business Group | Skupina

SBG – Stroka Business Group is a group of joined companies with a common vision to become one of the leading organizations for fast and effective IT solutions for organizations in Central and Southeastern Europe.

Key facts about Stroka Business Group:

  • Operations in 4 countries of Central and Southeastern Europe.
  • Bringing together more than 120 experts in business and information technologies.
  • Maintaining systems of over 850 companies in Slovenia and abroad.
  • Experts in most of the business fields that organizations in Slovenia and abroad require for uninterrupted operations.
  • A highly advanced HelpDesk Center (managed and monitored acceptance of service requests, orders, problems) and the Customer Care Center (organized and managed care for the customer, supervision of the HelpDesk service and other support services, verifying customer satisfaction – CSI).
  • Central operations (central shared services for Group management, production departments which cover system engineering, business analytics, software development, and the development of online solutions and creative) with a local reach (organizational units across major cities in countries of operation).
  • Care for long-term collaboration with customers, development of a partnership and designing customer’s development strategies in IT
  • Performing business information analyses and constant search for the most appropriate solutions.
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SBG consists of the following companies:

  • Skupina Bussines Group
    • Stroka produkt d.o.o.
    • ATK plus d.o.o.
  • Stroka Produkt Albania sh.p.k. - Tirana, Albanija
  • Stroka-KOS Sh.p.k - Priština, Kosovo
  • Omnidata d.o.o.
  • Inbex d.o.o.