Gartner: Microsoft Power BI is the leading global analytics platform

Gartner: Microsoft Power BI is the leading global analytics platform

In its 2021 report, Gartner, the prominent IT research company, has for the fourteenth year in a row, declared Microsoft Power BI as the leading global platform for analytics and business intelligence (source: Gartner). At the same time, Microsoft was for the third year in a row placed in the top positions on both axes of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant – the first marks the completeness of vision, and the second one the ability to execute.

Microsoft Power BI has already helped 250 thousand organizations, which include 97 percent of Fortune 500 companies which combines the 500 biggest US companies by revenue. Some of Microsoft’s clients, such as Humana, Nestle and Zurich, have been implementing data culture across their whole organizations, making it possible for their employees to always rely on data when making decisions.


Why is Power BI a step ahead of the competition?

If we wanted detail all the reasons why you should choose Power BI, the blog you are reading would most likely still be in production. That is why we opted to focus on 3 essential points when describing the main advantages.

Connectivity with Office 365 and Teams services

By including Power BI into Office 365 suite of services Microsoft significantly expanded the platform’s reach. Users can also integrate it with the Teams collaboration tool, which is, according to the data from last November, being used by 115 million people across the world (source: Microsoft).

Combination of a great price and a wealth of functions

Power BI is certainly proof that one product can combine both a great price and state-of-the-art features. By making analytics and business intelligence technology more widely available, it has significantly pushed down the pricing on the whole market. Along with established features, such as data processing and visualization, the basic version also includes rich analytics and automated machine learning, while Power BI Premium brings artificial intelligence-powered services.

Ambition for development

Microsoft does not plan to rest on laurels of its success with Power BI. It continues to invest heavily in the development of the product, constantly improving it. It rolls out upgrades on a weekly basis, allowing users to regularly test new features.


What does Power BI provide? »


Excellent solutions, based on the Power BI platform

Our experts use Power BI as the foundation for developing dedicated solutions for business analytics. This is how we developed applications for small and medium businesses, as well as large corporations.

Power BI dashboard FinCheck

The application for monitoring and analyzing business operations FinCheck is based on financial indicators used in Slovenia and abroad. The values of these indicators can also be compared with the Slovenian averages by industry.

Power BI dashboard CashFlow Planner

The multi-layer overview of financial data provided by CashFlow Planner gives the heads of finance and the management an immediate snapshot of the company’s financial condition, including revenue, expenditures, state of claims, obligations, and the total balance.

Power BI dashboard - OEE indicators

The Power BI dashboard of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) indicators provides an upgrade to the ERP system and an analysis of losses and weak points in manufacturing.


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Satisfied customers on the Power BI platform and their experience with our experts

“It was simple – we wanted to link the multitude of numbers that our company generates as part of its operations on a daily basis to get something useful. We hardly noticed the implementation. All we did was provide clear requests and expectations to the contractor. Our colleagues had to prepare their own databases for the switch, and the experts from Stroka Business Group took care of everything else in just a few days. Power BI now receives input data directly from our business information system, processes them, and displays them to the employees as select indicators.”

Edvard Hojnik, CEO, TBS Team 24


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