Golden plaque recipient for the best innovation in the Koroška region for the second year in a row

Golden plaque recipient for the best innovation in the Koroška region for the second year in a row

On 29 September 2021 the Koroška region chapter of the Slovenian Chamber of Industry and Commerce conferred awards for the best innovations in the region for the year 2021. We are happy to announce that our solution PracticeMED received the golden plaque. It is aimed at empowering the management of outpatient clinics and heads of their departments, assisting in mitigating the challenges related to expert staff being overtaxed.

PracticeMED: Modern technology to assist outpatient clinics

Our owner and CEO Sandi Markon accepted the award on behalf of Stroka Business Group, and gave some details on the solution in a short video presentation.

PracticeMED is an analytics-supported platform for resource management in healthcare institutions, which utilizes information technology to:
- provide improved management and activity planning for the medical staff and other resources (workplaces, operating rooms, clinics)
- ensure effective support for comprehensive patient treatment and their safety during care
- offer an immediate insight into the healthcare institution’s business operations with the ability to respond quickly if there are any derogations

The platform encompasses four areas of work organization in healthcare institutions: activity planning, support to daily work processes through scheduling, handing over work and exchanging information between different experts, and analytics to support decision-making.

Repeating last year’s success

This was a repeat of last year’s success, when the golden plaque was awarded to our FARSIGHT platform. We developed it to allow organizations such as Civil Protection and Disaster Relief, healthcare, public utility and rescue workers, who face challenges of field work, to fully utilize modern tools and make their work more productive.


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