Online sales, the most effective vaccine against the crisis

Online sales, the most effective vaccine against the crisis

With the onset of the pandemic, the importance and significance of online shopping leaped ahead tremendously. It turned out that for numerous retailers this was their salvation, allowing them to continue making revenue.

The importance of this sales channel became clear in the first few days, when most local providers discovered that their sales infrastructure is overtaxed. “Orders are not possible at this moment,” was a frequent notification that consumers faced when we wanted to make a purchase.

Online shops in a secure, powerful and stable environment

It was no less stressful for companies that provide support to online companies, including ours. Our teams continued striving to ensure that in spite of the onslaught of shoppers, our customers’ online stores remained secure and capable of handling all orders.

This is not only the result of our colleagues’ high dedication, as the main reasons for stable operations go to our platform, the well-established and optimized server environment, and in the end also a consistent and professional approach to problem solving and implementation of solutions.

No matter how good the solution may be, there are always some bottlenecks that come up at such times. However, not because the online store would not be available or slow. No, in the end the human factor was catching its breath; sales people could simply not pack and supply products anymore, so we were forced to place orders only during certain times.

Have we learned anything from this?

Most certainly. Firstly, selecting the right platform or e-commerce CMS is essential for your business. Key elements include: the platform must provide a secure and stable environment, which must also be simple enough to use and administer. These are the key questions that need answers and we must also adhere to them when making any choices. When implementing such solutions our colleagues and I quietly adhere to the following rule: “If the administrator will face difficulties when managing the online store, he will certainly not sell much!”

The next set of questions, just as important, relate to the future.

  • What happens, especially with the trends we are seeing, when you will expand your company and your online sales will grow?
  • Will your platform still be capable enough?
  • Will it remain stable?
  • Will it allow adding new product categories?
  • Credit card support?
  • What about expanding?
  • Multi-language options?
  • Optimization?

Many providers on the market offer fast online store deployment for just a few euros per month or a “fast upgrade” of your website into an online store. Now is the time to review the above questions and try to anticipate what will happen with such solutions.

Tons of experience with 6 years of the NopCommerce platform use in the .Net environment, allow Stroka Business Group to provide positive answers to most of the above questions. We are also aware that when a business grows and systems require upgrades, things often have to be set up from the top, with a transition to a professional platform for online sales.

How to choose the right e-commerce platform?  »

It is essential to select the right platform

This seemingly invisible factor is actually the heart and logic of your sales success. So, no more hesitation. Stroka Business Group is the right partner for you, if you are considering establishing your own online store. We can provide it at an affordable price, so check out our starter plans.

And if you find that such an investment surpasses your current capabilities, Stroka Business Group is also entered in The Slovene Enterprise Fund’s catalog of providers, which means that when setting up a modern e-commerce solution you can find support through vouchers and non-refundable funds from the state budget.

This is certainly something to consider.


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