Busines Productivity Specialist (BPS)

Business Productivity Specialist (BPS)

Effective use of information technology can significantly increase your company’s efficiency. Do you know how?

The latest research on how Slovenian businesses operate has shown that individuals only dedicate 39% of their time at work to the actual work tasks. The remaining 61% is spent on unproductive activities. IT can significantly help tip this balance, but do you know how?

The Business Productivity Specialist (BPS) service helps organizations use Microsoft technology more effectively. This makes it possible for businesses and employees to do more and thereby make the company’s operation more effective.

Who is the service for?

  • Businesses who want to increase their employees’ productivity, thereby improving their operations.
  • Businesses who want to take the best advantage of the technological progress of IT tools, thereby shortening the time business processes take.
  • Businesses who want to lower the risk of data loss.
  • Businesses who want to improve the dedication and affiliation to the company.
  • Businesses who want to save the time investing into important activities.

What does the BPS service bring?

  • Increases the efficiency of employees, making it possible for them to do more and work better in with less time wasted.
  • Lowers the possibility of process mistakes and data loss.
  • Improves the communication and collaboration between employees within a company.
  • Raises employee dedication, as a result of an investment into their know-how.
  • Increases the value of IT in the perception of business users.
  • An excellent, proven ROI of the implemented service.

How does a business achieve better results?

  • Workshops for employees.
  • Trainings for individuals.
  • Educating the management.
  • Revamping IT support.

The BPS service is provided by Rok Sobiech, a Microsoft certified expert, and one of the first in Slovenia to obtain this title.

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