Professional Support

Professional Support

Ensure appropriate IT support for your business.

At Business Group we help you and your business to stay ahead of the competition. Enjoy advanced business operations, and leave the worries about IT support to established experts who are successfully providing support to more than 730 companies.

Care for customer satisfaction and a high level of responsibility are core values of the Business Group. An important part of our backbone service CCEDOS is the Customer Care Center (CCC) whose core purpose is to fulfill the challenges our customers are facing.

In order to provide modern, professional, tailored solutions we build long-term partnerships with our customers, designing and developing growth strategies for IT together with them. As part of this we also offer our customers contracted administration, maintenance, and monitoring of complete IT systems. Business Group’s Customer Care Center provides:

  • The primary communication channel for customers.
  • The highest possible level of quality in support and services.
  • Recognizing and understanding your wishes, needs and challenges.
  • Obtaining feedback from the market with the aim of improving our services.
  • Project management and ensuring a customer’s representative is always present and on-board for this.
  • Constant tracking of the customer satisfaction index (CSI).

Help Desk provides:

  • Constant monitoring over filed requests.
  • The highest possible level of support.
  • Faster response and immediate request tracking.
  • The option of immediate response for complaints and progress reporting.
  • Constant tracking of the customer satisfaction index (CSI) for request resolution.
  • 24-hour assistance with a contract*.
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