Azure Services

Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s cloud platform with a broad range of services. Forget about buying, configuring, and maintaining hardware.  You can now develop solutions cheaply, quickly and using cutting-edge methods. By including predictive analytics, which is one of Azure’s many highly useful services, you can anticipate potential derogations and changes, and respond immediately.

Smart Manufacturing (IoT – The Internet Of Things)

With our help your devices will inform you of their requirements themselves, and report on any issues much less frequently or not at all. Implementing IoT will completely simplify how you monitor your production line. Planning maintenance will be simple, and only for preventive measures. All this is possible using the Azure cloud platform’s services and a whole range of applications that easily connect with business systems you already have, such as ERP or CRM.

Mixed reality with Microsoft Hololens

HoloLens, a holographic computer built into a set of glasses, provides a full immersive holographic interactive experience. It is time for your classroom, production line, exhibition space or office to join the mixed reality bandwagon.  A real environment augmented with key data and hologram elements is inevitably becoming the magic wand of modern business operations. 

Machine Learning

Your data can serve as the foundation for numerous improvements to your operations. Machine learning as part of the cloud-based tool Machine Learning Studio provides the core of the teaching model needed for processing real cases. Using the gathered data, machine learning and predictive analytics we can develop effective models for optimizing all business processes.

Artificial Intelligence

For truly efficient operations you do not need any more questions, just the right answers. Our experts are developing solutions that change and improve work process algorithms and recommend the correct decisions to take. Focus on the tasks that really need you, and leave business analysis and report generation to artificial intelligence.


Our R&D department has experience with the development and implementation of some of the most famous, tailor-made decentralized blockchain applications and infrastructure projects. Smart contracts and mobile apps built on blockchain provide higher transparency, and especially an advantage over the competition.

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Our Scenarios for Using Mixed Reality and HoloLens Glasses

Microsoft HoloLens - learning at the virtual assembly line (mixed reality in manufacturing) 
YASKAWA HC10 - testing work area size with the Yaskawa HC10 robot (mixed reality) 
Learning human anatomy with Microsoft HoloLens Glasses (mixed reality) 
Enter Mixed Reality with Microsoft HoloLens Glasses (short version)  
Virtual Office/Work area experience with HoloLens glasses (for architects and designers) 

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