Bubble: a revolution in software development

Bubble: a revolution in software development

Software development can present companies with constant challenges such as time constraints, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. In today's rapidly changing technological landscape, low-code and no-code tools have become essential for companies that want to build applications quickly and efficiently without the need for extensive coding.

We have previously written about the concept of low-code to no-code solutions, why companies use them, and their popularityDigital transformation through automation.

These solutions help companies achieve digital transformation through automation. One such solution is Bubble.io - a revolutionary framework for code-free application development that allows companies to create innovative solutions without the need to write code. With hundreds of thousands of web applications and millions of users, Bubble.io caters to a wide range of clients, from hobby projects and start-ups to Fortune 500 companies and universities. In fact, it was recognized as one of Fast Company's Most Innovative Small and Mighty Companies of 2021.

It's not just a tool; Bubble.io is changing the way companies approach software development.

Basic Bubble.io features:

1. Drag-and-drop design: with the help of the visual editor, users can quickly design their apps without having to do complex programming.
2. A powerful workflow mechanism: the workflow editor allows actions and workflows to be assigned to elements, contributing to the automation of processes.
3. Built-in encrypted database: every application created on the platform is equipped with a unique, customizable database that supports different needs by design.
4. Secure, scalable hosting: an app can be launched with a simple click, and hosting is secure and scalable, allowing for hassle-free growth.

Extending functionality

Bubble.io is more than just a tool - it's changing the way software development works. Let's explore how its core features impact software development and why it's important.

Bubble goes beyond just coding. It provides a visually pleasing user interface, a database, a secure and scalable environment, and connectivity to other services, allowing a single person to manage the entire development process with ease.

  • Extending functionality with plugins: Bubble is a platform that helps you to enhance the functionality of your applications by adding plugins coded in languages like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. The Extensions Store provides a variety of free and paid extensions to improve the core features of your applications, making it easier for companies to customize their applications and meet specific requirements.
  • API connectivity: this platform offers an API connector that enables integration with other applications and services. This facilitates the exchange of data and actions and provides access to a plethora of possibilities such as obtaining weather data, retrieving business information from Google Maps, and connecting with other systems.

Stroka Business Group inside of a bubble

At Stroka Business Group, we firmly believe in the importance of process automation and time savings for the success of businesses. Our experience in low-code and no-code applications has enabled us to create effective websites and other solutions that form the basis of efficient business operations. The Bubble platform is like a protective bubble that ensures efficiency, scalability, connectivity, knowledge, innovation, and time savings. Our commitment to providing innovative solutions is reflected in every project undertaken by our Research&Development experts.

Our solutions:

  • Psychopomp: a platform that provides a comprehensive solution for connecting psychotherapists, patients, coaches and clients. It simplifies the entire process from therapist selection to communication between patients and therapists. The platform allows therapists to record notes and easily view all patients and their notes. Additionally, it facilitates easy creation and management of work orders and invoices, eliminating the need for therapists to use other platforms or external connections.
  • CIRCIapp - app for the circular economy: A platform connecting raw material suppliers, designers, and manufacturers. Companies can reuse materials, users can order them and download product plans.
  • CRM application for an advertising company:includes import of registered customers from SQL database, complete workflow for customer management, email notifications, and advertising performance monitoring.
  • Dream Diary: a web app that is essentially mobile-friendly. Users follow their dreams in a prescribed format and share them with their therapists, etc. The app provides an overview of the recorded dreams and the materials created by the user. The app works within the browser, but this is invisible on mobile devices.

Business process transformation

Bubble.io is more than just a software development tool - it's a movement that's revolutionizing the way we approach development.

Its open approach to codeless development and API integration is setting the stage for faster, more flexible, and accessible app development.

1. Fast implementation of MVPs: companies can create MVPs from sketch to launch in a matter of weeks, allowing for faster testing and iteration with real users.
2. Customised software: low development costs allow companies to create customised systems that fully support their business processes.
3. Process automation: setting up automation systems that replace manual work, collect data and communicate efficiently with other systems.

The future of software development

Bubble is a helpful tool for companies looking for a software solution that's flexible, fast, and efficient. It's predicted that the use of code-free technology will soon become the norm and be widely accepted in the coming years. Customization with Bubble.io provides a cost-effective and innovative way to develop software quickly.

You may also want to read about Power Apps, a low-code to no-code platform that's ideal for creating complex applications that require extensive data integrations, especially with Microsoft products. However, it's still primarily based on codeless application creation. Where to look for savings and employee happiness?

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