IQ TPM 4.0: The system for intelligent planning and maintenance in manufacturing

Digitalization has a major impact on how we work, communicate and manage work in manufacturing. Approaches to support different processes in factories are also changing. Together with Marovt d.o.o. company we have developed an intelligent system with support for maintenance in manufacturing, and named it IQ TPM 4.0. The solution supports electronic data capture from older model machines and collects and processes the data on your internal network, or in the Microsoft Azure cloud. The CMMS (computerized management maintenance system) provides support to maintain and manage data on fixed assets. The IQ TPM 4.0 system is tightly coupled with the Microsoft Power BI solution, which supports detailed and real-time analyses.

Data capturing from older model machines

In most cases old machines are not suitable for digitalization and for providing the data for further analysis. One of the key advantages of our system is IQ TPM 40 module, that can be integrated even into older machines. In this way we ensure, that their operation is monitored and that the data telemetry is sent into the cloud data warehouse.

Support for the hybrid environment

The IQ TPM 4.0 system uses so-called hybrid storage, which means that the data can be stored in two ways – locally in your company’s network (on-premises storage), or in the Azure cloud. Both methods have their advantages, which are determined during the evaluation of the existing system at your company.

The CMMS system

A part of the IQ TPM 4.0 system is the CMMS system for fixed asset management, monitoring and basic analytics. The system is also available on tablets and mobile devices, paving the way towards full digital transformation of your manufacturing. Such a project can be a major challenge, and that is why we employ experts with experience in implementing such systems in manufacturing and connecting them with existing systems.

Analysis and reporting

The system is tightly coupled with Power BI, Microsoft’s solution for visualizations and analytics. We define the content of individual reports and dashboards together with you. The system by default already supports the most frequent analyses, such as execution on the manufacturing line, events on the manufacturing line, the condition of machines in manufacture, visualization of values from sensors for predictive analytics. We are well aware that every factory is an unique ecosystem, and consequently the IQ TPM 4.0 system is built modularly, so that it can fully adapt to the processes, people and existing systems (ERP, CRM,..) in your company.

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IQ TPM 4.0

Connections, integration and incorporation of advanced technologies

Integration with other corporate systems

IQ TPM 4.0 is designed to use an application program interface (API) to connect with other systems, allowing data to be exchanged using standard protocols. We provide some frequently used methods out of the box and we can implement and add custom features during the project implementation.

Connection with mixed reality devices (Microsoft HoloLens)

Modern manufacturing settings already support the implementation of mixed reality, both on dedicated glasses and on mobile devices. This solution can be especially useful for your maintenance staff, as it supports adding instructions, video clips, 3D models and similar onto real-time video. The options are broad and can be defined during the project implementation.

Artificial intelligence and predictive analytics

Nobody wants failures and breakdown on the production line, so such errors should be predicted beforehand, based on the historical data, so that the maintenance staff can be alerted. This can save a lot on repairs of the machine, as well as increase their productivity. IQ TPM 4.0 system has a special module for predictive analytics that uses the collected historical data to calculate and predict such events on time.

Industry 4.0: fourth industrial revolution

Comprehensive approach to software development

When developing software, apps, upgrades, or integrations, we follow a clearly mapped-out process, as this is the only way to ensure a stable, appropriate, useful, and operational solution.


Analyzing requests and specifying the solution


Planning the software and its components


Developing the software or solution

Testing the solution


Transfer to the production environment, use, and maintenance

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This project is partly financed by the European Union, the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The public tender for selecting the operations is held in the scope of the “Operational Programme for the Implementation of the EU Cohesion Policy in the period 2014 – 2020”.


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