Protect your company. Keep your business safe.

Protect your company. Keep your business safe.

 Information security is increasingly important in today's digital world, as all the data that companies store and use is extremely valuable. If this data falls into the hands of unauthorised persons, it can cause great damage to the company and its customers.

Slovenia is no exception in this area, and our country is also facing cyber-attacks that can cause significant damage to businesses. According to SI-CERT, in 2021, Slovenia recorded 3177 cyber-attacks, a 14.49% increase compared to the previous year.

Given the importance of information security, the sensitivity of data and the high losses in the event of an attack causing a business shutdown, companies are increasingly choosing to take a proactive and comprehensive approach to information security.

One of the companies that has recognised the importance of information security is Stroj from Radelj ob Dravi. For security reasons, all of the company's documentation is stored on two disk arrays, in two physically separate locations, and all data is transferred to the cloud twice a day.

In December, they upgraded their existing licences to Microsoft 365 Business Premium and received Microsoft Defender, Intune and Azure Information Protection in addition to the existing functionality, giving them the ability to use the most advanced cloud security solutions which Microsoft is constantly updating based on the experience of intrusions and attacks on businesses around the world.

Security solutions acquired by Stroj

Microsoft Defender prevents and detects attacks on identities, devices, apps, email, data and cloud applications. It helps you prioritise and focus on the vulnerabilities that pose the greatest risk when managing threats and vulnerabilities across your enterprise.

By detecting, prioritising, fixing vulnerabilities and detecting software misconfigurations, we can proactively build a secure foundation for our environment. Attack surface reduction capabilities help to minimise the places where a business is vulnerable to cyber-attacks on its devices and applications, leaving attackers with fewer ways to carry out attacks. So-called 'antimalware' and anti-virus protection help prevent and protect against threats at the front door – on company devices and in the cloud. Identifying and removing threats and automatically investigating alerts and taking immediate action to resolve attacks for us are also important.

Better protection of sensitive data

Microsoft Intune is a solution for secure device and user management, including mobile devices, desktops and virtual endpoints, and Azure Information Protection helps the Machine protect security-sensitive documents and emails outside and inside the enterprise, no matter where the data is stored or who it's shared with. It shares data securely with colleagues, customers and partners by defining who can access and do what with the data. For example, allowing a specific person or group to read the data, but not to modify it, print it, or copy it to a repository.

What do they say at Stroj?

"Stroj has been cooperating with the Group for about two decades in the field of software development, web solutions and IT infrastructure," said Tomaž Kaiser, CEO of Stroj, adding, "With our investments in the cloud, our partner's expertise and Microsoft's state-of-the-art security infrastructure, we ensure the highest possible level of security."

About Stroj

With 100 employees, Stroj specialises in the assembly, welding and machining of complex machine components, producing technologically demanding weldments with machining for the world's leading manufacturers of mining, construction and industrial equipment. In the mining and construction industries, their products are an integral part of equipment in demanding working environments.

The following is taken from an article published on Tovarna leta, written by Sabina Petrov, editor of the portal.


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