Strategic partnership with the global technology giant PTC

Strategic partnership with the global technology giant PTC

In order to bring advanced technology to domestic manufacturing companies and to strengthen our portfolio we concluded a strategic partnership with the US-based tech giant PTC focusing on digital transformation in manufacturing, i.e., Industry 4.0.

PTC is the leading provider of industrial technology that includes augmented reality (AR), industrial IoT (IIoT), PLM and CAD. Companies that utilize advanced solution, custom-built for the challenges that frequently inhibit manufacturing companies, can increase revenue, improve effectiveness and lower costs.

Our digital transformation path

At Stroka Business Group we have been striving since 2015 to establish ourselves as the leading partner in digital transformation in Slovenia. Our story began with work on projects, related to blockchain technology, Azure services, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

In 2018 we focused on mixed reality solutions supported by Microsoft’s HoloLens glasses. We placed training manufacturing workers at the forefront, as we identified this industry has a less than effective knowledge transfer system among workers for training new employees and launching new products. We made sure that a worker’s tasks at their job station in manufacturing can be viewed through the HoloLens glasses, which alert them to the dangers and traps, display the correct actions, provide instructions, and record the training session.

With the experience and knowledge we obtained, we joined forces with Marovt, d.o.o., and spent 2 years developing an intelligent system with support for maintenance in manufacturing (IQ TPM 4.0). With its launch we made a confident entrance into the field of digital transformation in manufacturing.

Strategic partnership with the technology giant PTC

Along with the solutions from our solution development department, which focuses on dedicated solutions, tailored to specific needs of our customers, we wanted to add a verified generic solution to our portfolio, which would allow us to help significantly more companies in their transformation from traditional to smart manufacturing. When we got the chance to collaborate with PTC, we did not have any second thoughts. We joined forces with a partner that invests in technologies close to us and shares our approach to work. It also has a large and experienced team of experts that we can always depend on, constantly learning and expanding our horizons.

PTC ThingWorx: the leading software platform for IIoT

Our collaboration with PTC is primarily focused on IIoT, which represents the central pillar of digital transformation by connecting people, products, processes and working spaces. Using IIoT technology allows companies to connect their data from manufacturing into a central interface, keep track in real time, and analyze them to support in making important decisions.

PTC’s ThingWorx platform is built on experience of manufacturing companies across different industries, and was named the leading software platform in IIoT in early 2020 (source: Forrester Research). It comes with a wealth of features, flexibility, security and high scalability.

Concluding the partnership allows us to provide our customers with a digital transformation platform verified at the global level. This ensures a fast implementation and already includes the tools that most companies require when taking the path of digital transformation, while also offering options for numerous customizations.


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