Stroka Business Group proudly receives the Gold and Silver awards for innovation in the Carinthia region

Stroka Business Group proudly receives the Gold and Silver awards for innovation in the Carinthia region

Today, 8 June 2023, the Carinthian Chamber of Commerce and Industry presented the awards to the best innovations in the Carinthian region for 2023. We are honoured to have been the recipients of the Gold and Silver awards for our AI expert content accelerator and strokaDT platform solutions.

Our innovators received the awards, and owner Sandi Markon summed up his thoughts at the ceremony as follows: "We have received the Gold and Silver Awards for Best Innovation, which gives us external, independent confirmation that our development work is successful and that we are successfully delivering on our vision — in step with our culture of innovation. More importantly, it rewards, at least in part, the effort, productivity and creativity of our employees. It is also a confirmation that, despite the rapidly changing economic environment, we remain strong and worthy of the trust of our customers and of new strategic partnerships."


The "AI Expert Content Accelerator" platform, enables the building of a diverse knowledge base of professionally useful content without IT expertise, while offering constant updating of the database based on user feedback. The innovation is a bridge over a river of challenges, building on a foundation of expert knowledge and increasing the flow of ideas. It drastically reduces the development and maintenance time of the system in order to allow rapid monetisation and (self-)learning upgrading.

On one side, there is the increasing availability and enormous utility value of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, and on the other is the need for practical tools that can enable and accelerate the building of a broad knowledge base and marketability for experts in different fields. The solid link between the two is the "AI expert content accelerator".

strokaDT PLATFORM — Silver award

The strokaDT platform brings together all the knowledge and technologies relevant to the digital transformation process of a given company. We have designed it to process and collect all data within the cloud infrastructure as well as in the company's local network.

The main objective of the Digital Transformation Solutions Platform - strokaDT Platforms is to provide a set of solutions and knowledge that integrate into a coherent whole and provide the basis for building and integrating digital transformation solutions.

These two achievements have given us confirmation that we are on the right track, and the impetus to keep investing in the development of new ideas. We are proud of our teams and the proven potential of both innovations.

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