Virtual reality simulation: the digital transformation of a manufacturing company

Virtual reality simulation: the digital transformation of a manufacturing company

"We follow the Weiler Abrasives principles and goals of making a difference in the world through our work, products and attitude, improving the lives of our customers, colleagues and communities. What is true for the entire company in all areas is also true for our cooperation with the Stroka Business Group."
- Špela Kovačič, Marketing Manager, Weiler Abrasives EMEA

As a leading company and global manufacturer of complete surface treatment solutions, Weiler Abrasives is focused on collaboration and creating partnerships to overcome the toughest challenges in the field of cutting, grinding and cleaning.

Keeping pace with digitalisation

Weiler Abrasives' vision is to be the global market leader in abrasives. With a clear mission to be the best partner to distributors and end users, the digitalization of business processes and operations is inevitable to achieve their set vision.

Recognising the importance of digitisation and digital transformation in the current market needs of manufacturing companies, the company decided to go one step further and develop its own virtual reality simulation.

Weiler Abrasives has already worked with the Stroka Business Group on the gradual implementation of the entire Microsoft tools ecosystem. As a result of their satisfaction with the services, they entrusted them with the development of the desired solution.

The aim of the development was to present the work with Weiler Abrasives products in a properly implemented, fun and safe way, through the simulation of work processes and the working environment, by means of gamification. In addition to presenting their field of work, they wanted a solution that would attract attention, allow them to be more competitive and, most importantly, bring a better way of interacting with their customers.

From snapshot to simulation development

From the snapshot to the final product, Stroka Business Group experts were closely involved with the client's experts.
A detailed snapshot of the situation was a good basis for the solution, followed by several development activities:

"Stroka approached the project both virtually and in practice. They took part in product testing and familiarised themselves with the correct steps, which ultimately contributed to a realistic demonstration and exposure of actual failures during the work."
- Špela Kovačič, Marketing Manager, Weiler Abrasives EMEA

The networking, knowledge of the client's wishes and the real-life demonstration led to a final VR simulation that Weiler Abrasives is extremely satisfied with.

Weiler Virtual World

The solution, developed together with the Stroka Business Group team, is the first demonstration of abrasive training in virtual reality.
It is divided into two modules:

  1. First module: PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) training.
  2. Module Two: Weiler Virtual World simulation

The simulation is mainly educational - training with gamification support. The player is placed in a simulated factory environment where he/she performs several tasks related to the company's production activities.

Familiarisation with industrial work in a safe way

The VR simulation was first demonstrated by the client at a trade fair, where it received a lot of interest.

"The simulation was so interesting that visitors returned several times to try it out again. We believe that together we have found the perfect path to provide partners, customers and end customers, as well as the general public, with the first step towards the safe use of Weiler Abrasives products."
- Špela Kovačič, Marketing Manager, Weiler Abrasives EMEA

When purpose, vision and mission collide

The final product of the collaboration has added value to the company, and they have demonstrated their customer focus and the importance of accountability, knowledge and competences in their company.

They are keen to develop the solution further in the future.

"The project is a great opportunity for our end customers in particular, as well as for future employees or young people who are still looking for their career, to get to know industrial work while at the same time taking care of safety at work."
- Špela Kovačič, Marketing Manager, Weiler Abrasives EMEA

What did Weiler Abrasives gain from the solution?

  • Increased awareness among individuals
  • Improved the learning rate
  • Reduced the use of unnecessary redundant materials
  • Improved reputation in the field of occupational safety
  • Strengthen the way they interact with their customers
  • Increased company innovation

"Together with the Stroka Business Group, we created a virtual environment and developed a simulation of work processes with grinders and cutters. A really innovative and interesting approach to communicate the correct use of products, the correct technique for cutting, grinding and cleaning, while making the process itself simple and, above all, safe for the user."
- Špela Kovačič, Marketing Manager, Weiler Abrasives EMEA

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