Building an online store

An online store must understand the online customer and offer them products that meet their need in the simplest way possible. Planning a customer journey and a top-of-the-line shopping experience is something we tackle with the utmost seriousness. Including intelligent tools to understand the customer, accelerating sales, and connecting with the ERP PANTHEON can additionally speed up the process, increasing online sales.



We build online stores on the NopCommerce platform, which supports the development of even the most demanding projects.

Building a website

Building a website begins with sketching a digital strategy. A detailed understanding of customer behavior is the foundation on which we build a modern website that can follow a company’s strategic goals. Website creation is not just about modern visual elements and a cutting-edge technical solution. Just as important is that the website’s content follows Google’s guidelines. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a project that begins with a digital strategy, but never ends.


We build websites on the state-of-the-art DotNetNuke platform, and the user-friendly CMS allows for exceptionally simple website content management.

Online marketing

Online marketing begins with outlining a digital strategy, because we want to know everything about your customers, products, and sales channels. By creating daring and interesting stories as part of content marketing (blog writing) we make sure your brand or product is positioned correctly and that it has regular contact with your target audience. Through regular publications and target-focused campaigns on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn we grow our base of followers and turn them into customers. Perfect digital marketing also demands an excellent understanding of digital analytics, which helps us make surefire decisions to run perfect campaigns.

Graphic design

A carefully planned graphic design makes sure that your brand’s reputation grows in the eyes of your target audience. Just as important as the first contact with the customer is every one after that, so we know just how important comprehensive graphic design is. Taking into account your target audience we can create daring or elegant elements for your visual identity when designing websites, logos, business cards, catalogues, or other print materials.

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Services that fully ensure your satisfaction

Trust us with your most ambitious ideas and we will make sure they get done.

mobile apps

Mobile apps

Developing mobile apps for Android and iOS smartphones and tablet computers.

Professional photography

We can provide professional photographs, suitable for publishing on your website, in catalogues or marketing materials.
hosting and domains

Hosting and domains + SSL certificates

We provide premium .net hosting in the cloud or through server leasing. We can ensure a high level of security for your website by including SSL certificates.
online content

Preparing online content

We can help you by writing target-oriented online texts that support sales.
user experiences

Designing the user experiences

During the creative design process, we define the visual identity of the online solution and plan innovative shopping paths. Our experienced team of digital analysts creates an advanced and pleasant user experience.

Administration for digital development

Get an administrator who knows your vision and digital strategy, and monitors your website and social network analytics, proactively proposes changes and new features, monitors developments in the Google ecosystem, and ensures the best use of your digital channels.

Development and implementation of online solutions

The excellent execution and a long lifetime of online solutions is made possible by our team of experienced digital strategists, designers, online engineers, and solutions developers.
training and support

Training and support after the project

After the project is finished, we provide training to teach you how to independently manage your online content. We make sure through regular maintenance that an online solution operates flawlessly even after the project is implemented.
digital strategy

Digital strategy

During the strategic planning process, we explore and analyze your target market and, based on your business goals and wishes, outline a detailed thematic project design and a comprehensive online strategy. From the plan to its regular implementation.
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