Power BI CEO Dashboard

The dashboard that lets company decision-makers access all the indicators they require to make fast decisions correctly – available at a single click. The data on finances, human resources, sales and marketing results, Help Desk, projects, and much more.

Power BI Sales dashboard

Sales must constantly monitor success rates (scope, movements, RVC). The Power BI sales card monitors such success rates, as well as how the set goals are achieved.

Power BI project dashboard

It is aimed at project-focused organizations, where every order is a project. It provides a realistic overview of projects by status, cost, cash flow, time parameters (duration, deadline achievement, etc.), and project activities (work, materials).

Power BI CashFlow planner

The advanced and visually multi-layer overview of financial data provides the heads of Finance or the management with an immediate snapshot of the company’s financial condition, i.e. of its revenue, expenditures, state of claims, obligations, and the total balance.

Power BI dashboard – OEE Indicators

We can help you upgrade your business information system so that it provides content analysis of loss and weak spots in your production chain and can prepare a dashboard that will provide a quick overview of the situation.

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Power BI – The Effective Tool

Experts from Stroka Business Group have mastered business processes, obtaining data sources, and business analytics.

obtaining data

Obtaining data sources from different sources

An organization’s data is often stored across various information and other systems. Sourcing, coordinating, copying, and consolidating this data is a great challenge and takes precious time. Our experts bring your data into one spot, consolidate them, and ensure they are always just a click away.

Tailor-made dashboard

We can prepare the reports you need so that they are user-friendly, clear, and accessible through tailor-made dashboards that we define together with you. Also, we can put to use our vast experience and best practices to prepare a template dashboard, in line with the general requirements of individual industries.

Access to reports

The reports are available every time you need them. You can access the reports and your company’s important business data anywhere and anytime, and from any device (desktop, notebook or tablet computer, smartphone).
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