Server Infrastructure (on-prem)

Some companies require their own hardware installed on-site. We can adapt to your wishes and needs, and provide comprehensive IT environment management for your whole company.

Information Infrastructure as a Service (CLOUD)

Cloud-based information environment allows companies to focus on their business. They can lease business operation development and comprehensive information environments from specialized companies in the scope they require for their scale of operations. The cloud provides greater agility and adaptability, bringing unlimited infrastructure potentials, with zero initial investment costs. Office 365 Microsoft Azure

Establishing a Hybrid Environment

Considering their specific needs operations, we often decide together with our customers to establish an information environment that is a combination of a public and private cloud, a so-called hybrid environment. This ensures that companies have an optimum information environment and business support, one that delivers the best possible results.

Monitoring the IT Environment

Monitoring the IT Environment Monitoring information infrastructure, applications, and services allows companies to react to any irregularities and keep peace of mind. Specialized tools and knowledge of IT environments allow us to provide you with effective monitoring services. Make sure you are alerted to any potential issues, reducing the risk from severe consequences.

Comprehensive Information Environment Management

Stability and development and a comprehensive overview of your company’s information environment is ensured by a group of professionals who know the trends in information technology, are constantly educated, and resolve challenges using the latest technologies on a daily basis. Customers can focus on their business challenges, while gaining a reliable partner with a lot of business and IT know-how.

Information Security

To make sure that your company is protected from malicious hackers or losing precious data, you have to prepare before you actually face any dangers. Our security experts can ensure daily secure backups of your data and databases, along with daily monitoring of your whole system. Backups are stored on the latest Microsoft servers on a stable and secure cloud infrastructure – Azure. Using advanced anti-virus solutions, they can provide effective defense from all types of attacks.

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Services that exceed your expectations

Together we develop growth strategies for information technology, providing planning, implementation, hosting, training,
consulting, and administration and maintenance services for complete IT systems.



At the start of every project we want to get to know the client’s IT and business environment as well as possible and ensure that the solution is planned with utmost care. We believe that a good plan is the foundation of every successful project.


We can guide you through the process of purchasing and establishing all your information infrastructure. We connect your hardware and software so as to provide the best possible support for your operations.


Our know-how allows us to provide hosting for business applications, software, and websites in a public or private cloud. After reviewing all the facts we most often decide on a combination of a public a private cloud, i.e. a hybrid cloud, that provides better support for your operations.


Implementing a solution at your company and not training your users to operate it, cannot lead to them liking or even actually using it. We employ four certified Business Productivity experts who master corporate business tools and processes that can increase productivity and thereby also greater efficiency of a company and its employees.
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Administration and consulting

Our professional IT consultants and support staff constantly keep track with the current trends and developments in information technology so that they can provide your users with computer engineering consultation, implementation, maintenance, and security services. Every contractual customer is assigned their own administrator who builds a partnership with the customer.
contract maintenance

Contract maintenance services

With a maintenance agreement our customers receive professional services. With some types of agreements our engineers are available 24/7/365. We can tailor the level of the support to the needs of each individual customer. Maintenance agreements help us maximize the potentials of customers; information technology in order to support their operations.
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