[IT TO THE PEOPLE] Innovative Technologies of the Future

We read and talk a lot about innovative technologies and how they are already changing the way we work and do business. Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Industry, Mixed Reality (HoloLens) and Blockchain are just a few of them. 

Stroka Business Group houses a strong innovation, research & development department that deals everyday with developing solutions that based on cutting edge technologies. This allows us to be constantly in contact with global trends and international innovative companies, and it makes it possible for us to help our customers think about the future and the technologies that will help them reach a competitive position on the market. 

Live Showcases – Stroka Business Group Showroom 

In April we opened a demo center on our premises at the Crystal Palace in Ljubljana, and named it the Stroka Business Group Showroom. At the showroom you can see and test all the latest technologies and learn about our innovative solutions. 

We will also showcase them at two upcoming events in May and June: 

  • Microsoft NT Conference 2018 | 22 – 24 May 2018 | GH Bernardin, Portorož 
  • 7th Entrepreneurial Congress | 1 – 2 June 2018 | GH Bernardin, Portorož 

You will be able to see several real-life scenarios using mixed reality with the HoloLens device that are suitable for different activities or verticals. You will be able to step into a manufacturing hall to learn how to work at the conveyor belt, learn martial arts or pottery, discover human anatomy, step in an architect’s shoes, or simply hunt dinosaurs. 


Visit or contact us and step on the path of the innovative future today.

[IT TO THE PEOPLE] Innovative Technologies of the Future
Tuesday, May 15, 2018
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